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Glaucoma Research Foundation Listed on Guidestar

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Glaucoma Research Foundation is listed with GuideStar because we strongly believe in organizational transparency.

GuideStar is a searchable database of nearly one million nonprofit organizations. Each listing includes the mission of each organization, with financial data and the most recently filed Form 990 tax return.

Free registration is required in order to view an organization’s information. GuideStar’s mission is to provide information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.

GuideStar recommends these steps for donors when choosing a nonprofit organization to support:

  • Budget for philanthropy.
  • Clarify your values.
  • Identify your preferences.
  • Focus on the organization’s mission.
  • Evaluate how well the charity defines and achieves its goals.
  • Assess the charities’ financial health.
  • Compare charities doing similar work.
  • Get more information from the charity itself.
  • Choose the charity or charities you want to support.


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