2021 Shaffer Research Grants

For information about Shaffer Grants and research reports prior to 2013, please contact Glaucoma Research Foundation.

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Ta Chen Chang

Ta Chen Chang, MD

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Funded by The Harvey DuBiner, MD Memorial Fund
Project: Genetic Studies of Open Angle Glaucoma in Haitian Community
Summary: By screening close relatives of glaucoma patients, we can prevent blindness by diagnosing glaucoma in high-risk individuals early.
Qi Cui

Qi N. Cui, MD, PhD

Stellar-Chance Laboratories, University of Pennsylvania
Funded by Dr. James and Elizabeth Wise
Project: Evaluating the Glucagon-like Peptide 1 Receptor (GLP-1R) as a Therapeutic Target in Glaucoma
Summary: Previously, we showed that intraocular pressure elevation triggered macrophage/microglia activation and reactive astrocyte formation in the retina.
Dr. Luca Della Santina

Luca Della Santina, PhD, PharmD

University of Houston, College of Optometry
Funded by The Frank Stein and Paul S. May Grants for Innovative Glaucoma Research
Project: Excitatory – Inhibitory Balance in Glaucoma
Summary: My research has the potential to better inform which RGC types and retinal microcircuits need to be probed in patients to diagnose glaucoma before significant cell loss occurs.
Jiun Do

Jiun Do, MD, PhD

Shiley Eye Institute, University of California, San Diego
Funded by Richard and Carolyn Sloane
Project: Optic Nerve Relays for the Restoration of Visual Function
Summary: The goal of this project was to determine whether neural stem cells could be used to regenerate the connections between the eye and the brain.
John Fingert

John Fingert, MD, PhD, FARVO

Carver College of Medicine, University of Iowa
Funded by The Dr. Henry A. Sutro Family Grant for Research
Project: Single Cell Transcriptome Analysis of Glaucoma
Summary: Glaucoma is one of the three most heritable human diseases, indicating that genes are very important in its pathogenesis.
Jason Meyer

Jason S. Meyer, PhD

Indiana University School of Medicine
Funded by Bob and Birdie Feldman and Giving Tuesday contributions
Project: Complement Pathway-mediated Neurotoxicity of Reactive Astrocytes in a Stem Cell Model of Glaucoma
Summary: The results of this study will expand our understanding of the cellular changes that occur in human RGCs, and will support future studies including disease modeling and drug screening.
Lev Prasov

Lev Prasov, MD, PhD

Kellogg Eye Institute, University of Michigan
Funded by The Frank Stein and Paul S. May Grants for Innovative Glaucoma Research
Project: Elucidating the Role of a Novel Closure Associated Gene in Eye Development and Disease
Summary: Angle closure glaucoma is a blinding condition that affects 0.5% of the world’s population.
Teresa Puthussery

Teresa Puthussery, BOptom, PhD

UC Berkeley School of Optometry
Funded by Molly and David Pyott
Project: A Novel Approach to Assess Selective Ganglion Cell Vulnerability in Glaucoma
Summary: Results of this study are expected to inform the development of improved objective clinical tests of peripheral visual function in glaucoma.
Steven Roth

Steven Roth, MD, FARVO

College of Medicine, University of Illinois
Funded by The Dr. Miriam Yelsky Memorial Research Grant
Project: Novel Slow-release Exosome Formulations for Glaucoma
Summary: Here we propose a new strategy for glaucoma, extracellular vesicles (EVs), which possess significant neuroprotective properties, linked to hydrogels for injection into the eye for prolonged EV delivery.