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This is the place for the latest information about our work here at Glaucoma Research Foundation and for current events in the world of eye health. All breakthroughs and insights are made possible through the dedication of researchers, and through the continued financial support and active involvement of the community.

High Caffeine Consumption May Be Associated With Increased Risk Of Glaucoma

High Caffeine Consumption May Be Associated With Increased Risk of Glaucoma

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Consuming large amounts of daily caffeine may increase the risk of glaucoma more than three-fold for those with a genetic predisposition to higher eye pressure, according to an international multicenter study.
Vision Restoration Explained

Vision Restoration Explained

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The Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration Team is exploring and developing novel strategies to protect, repair, and replace lost retinal nerve cells and help them reconnect with the visual brain.
Restoring Vision In Glaucoma: More Than Meets The Eye

Restoring Vision in Glaucoma: More than Meets the Eye

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New strategies are needed to rethink how we treat glaucoma to do more than just manage eye pressure — to actually restore vision by promoting the survival of retinal ganglion cells and their axons.
Glaucoma News: Hope Is On The Horizon

Glaucoma News: Hope is on the Horizon

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Therapies, treatments, and technologies—No two cases of glaucoma are alike, and the effectiveness of therapies differ but promising new research findings offer reason to be optimistic.
Catalyst For A Cure Researchers Discover Clue To How To Protect Neurons And Encourage Their Growth

Catalyst for a Cure Researchers Discover Clue to How to Protect Neurons and Encourage Their Growth

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The Catalyst for a Cure researchers are a team of four principal investigators and their laboratories working together to restore vision and cure glaucoma.
Scientists Reverse Age-Related Vision Loss And Glaucoma Damage In Mice

Scientists Reverse Age-related Vision Loss and Glaucoma Damage in Mice

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Harvard Medical School scientists have successfully restored vision in mice by turning back the clock on aged eye cells in the retina to recapture youthful gene function.
The 2020 Weston Lecture: David Sinclair, Phd

The 2020 Weston Lecture: David Sinclair, PhD

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“Seeing the Future: Longevity Research and Glaucoma” was the topic of the 2020 Weston Family Lecture presented virtually on October 27, 2020.
Researcher Spotlight: Anna La Torre, Phd

Researcher Spotlight: Anna La Torre, PhD

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“Being part of Catalyst for a Cure has given me the opportunity to interact with patients, families, and donors, which has been inspiring and motivating.”
Promising Glaucoma Research And The Path To A Cure

Promising Glaucoma Research and the Path to a Cure

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Dr. Ou summarizes recent advances in glaucoma research and highlights some of the most innovative and promising approaches to diagnosing glaucoma, curing glaucoma, and restoring vision.
Foundation’S New Horizons Forum: Vision For 2020

Foundation’s New Horizons Forum: Vision for 2020

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With 33 companies presenting innovations and 380 attendees, New Horizons Forum provided a boost of energy and commitment to the future of glaucoma diagnosis and treatment.
The Genetics Of Glaucoma

The Genetics of Glaucoma

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There has been a remarkable expansion in understanding of the genetic underpinnings of the major forms of glaucoma. As research progresses, we hope to learn much more.
2019 Weston Glaucoma Research Lecture By Terri Pickering, Md

2019 Weston Glaucoma Research Lecture by Terri Pickering, MD

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Dr. Pickering delivered the Weston Glaucoma Research Lecture, “A New Era for Glaucoma,” in Palo Alto, California on October 22, 2019.
Glaucoma Research Foundation Awards 2020 Shaffer Prize To Dorota Skowronska-Krawczyk, Phd

Glaucoma Research Foundation Awards 2020 Shaffer Prize to Dorota Skowronska-Krawczyk, PhD

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For her research project “Eliminate to Protect,” Dr. Dorota Skowronska-Krawczyk from the University of California, San Diego was awarded the 2020 Shaffer Prize for Innovative Glaucoma Research.
Catalyst For A Cure Scientists Show Progress And Collaboration

Catalyst for a Cure Scientists Show Progress and Collaboration

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This research progress report summarizes progress from the first year of the Catalyst for a Cure Vision Restoration Initiative, launched by Glaucoma Research Foundation in 2019.
The Quest To Restore Lost Vision And Cure Glaucoma

The Quest to Restore Lost Vision and Cure Glaucoma

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Although lowering eye pressure can help slow or stop glaucoma progression, there are currently no therapies to regenerate lost nerve cells and help patients that have already lost vision.
The Path To A Cure For Glaucoma

The Path To A Cure for Glaucoma

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Every day, glaucoma researchers work to better understand and find safer, more effective ways to treat this debilitating disease.
Dr. Adriana Di Polo Awarded The 2019 Shaffer Prize From Glaucoma Research Foundation

Dr. Adriana Di Polo Awarded the 2019 Shaffer Prize from Glaucoma Research Foundation

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Dr. Di Polo’s laboratory investigated the hypothesis that insulin can improve the survival and function of injured retinal ganglion cells and may be viable as an innovative glaucoma treatment.
Catalyst For A Cure: A Clear Path To Vision Restoration

Catalyst for a Cure: A Clear Path to Vision Restoration

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For the first time, thanks to improvements in how we measure the disease, researchers are studying and testing new therapeutic candidates for neuroprotection, neuroenhancement, and visual restoration.
2018 Weston Lecture By Jeffrey Goldberg, Md, Phd

2018 Weston Lecture by Jeffrey Goldberg, MD, PhD

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Listen to the 2018 Weston Glaucoma Research Lecture delivered by Jeffrey Goldberg, MD, PhD, a principal investigator in the Catalyst for a Cure.
New Priorities For Glaucoma Research

New Priorities for Glaucoma Research

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New approaches to treating, managing, and even curing glaucoma are essential to patients and caregivers. Researchers are actively working to advance the field in several key areas.
Impact Of Grf Shaffer Grants: Funding Important Research Discoveries

Impact of GRF Shaffer Grants: Funding Important Research Discoveries

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Research outcomes from past Shaffer Grant recipients demonstrate the impact of this funding in catalyzing the growth, sustainability, and productivity of glaucoma research laboratories across the US.
Carla Siegfried, Md: Innovative Glaucoma Research

Carla Siegfried, MD: Innovative Glaucoma Research

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“I became interested in glaucoma because I liked the long-term aspect of it. It is through that long-term relationship that we can really get to know our patients and help them.” — Carla Siegfried, MD
Glaucoma Research Foundation Grant Leads To Major Breakthrough In Neuron Regeneration

Glaucoma Research Foundation Grant Leads to Major Breakthrough in Neuron Regeneration

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Study indicates treatment using insulin may restore vision in glaucoma patients.
Impact Of Grf Shaffer Grants: Catalyzing The Careers Of Glaucoma Researchers

Impact of GRF Shaffer Grants: Catalyzing the Careers of Glaucoma Researchers

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Glaucoma Research Foundation Shaffer Grants present a unique opportunity for investigators to pursue innovative ideas in the spirit of high risk/high reward scientific discovery.
President’S Report From Arvo 2018

President’s Report from ARVO 2018

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ARVO is the annual meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.