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Glaucoma 360

Each year, Glaucoma 360 brings people from across the globe together around two shared goals: Preventing vision loss from glaucoma and speeding a cure. Sharing, learning, networking, collaborating, celebrating — all are on the agenda during three days dedicated to a future free from glaucoma, for everyone.

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Why Glaucoma 360?
Learn why this festival of glaucoma innovation — part celebration, part think tank, part real-time learning and collaboration — is the place to be for insight, partnership, and hope in the search for solutions.

Paul P. Lee MD, JD: Glaucoma 360 can be very useful for the practicing ophthalmologist in a variety of ways. 360 is an event that spans a couple of days. So there’s a Forum where innovation is discussed. We have people from the FDA for the companies, but there’s also a wonderful symposium of education focused on clinical care for glaucoma on Saturday. And so it’s a way for individuals to see what’s going on, what the new products are, to be able to respond to patient questions, as well as to get practical insights on how to cure for glaucoma patients from some of the leading glaucoma specialists around the country.

Thomas W. Samuelson, MD: It’s more than a meeting. It’s like a glaucoma trifecta. It starts with a great celebration on Thursday night, which is, I believe unique to glaucoma meetings. The next day is basically a think-tank, an all day long session that you learn about new innovation and technology. And then finally the final day is kind of a collaborative sharing of ideas among clinicians. So it’s really a trifecta of glaucoma — a celebration, a festival, if you will, all in one of the best cities in North America.

Ruth D. Williams, MD: Practicing ophthalmologists are a diverse group. So some people are people who like innovation and are very early on in adapting new innovations, and those people would naturally be here. But I would encourage any practitioner to come, just to get excited about what we do. Taking care of glaucoma day in and day up can be very discouraging, but coming to New Horizons and Glaucoma 360 creates that sense of hope and excitement about the future.

Alan S. Crandall, MD: There’s information that’s so practical to take home because you’ve got all of the stars of glaucoma here, and you’ll pick up… A practicing ophthalmologist will go home with at least one or two or three things, they’ll get better at treating glaucoma because of what they see here.

Richard L. Lindstrom, MD: Well, for the practicing ophthalmologist, it’s in San Francisco, which is one of our favorite cities. So it’s always fun to come to San Francisco. The hotel is special, and then you have an opportunity for a social event, which is the Gala banquet followed by all the new things that are happening in ophthalmology for a day, and then very helpful, direct clinician to clinician discussion on the following day. So, a very complete meeting in glaucoma.

Robert D. Fechtner, MD: I think the appeal of this meeting goes beyond just the academic and research ophthalmologists. Every ophthalmologist out there has patients with glaucoma, and having the broadest understanding of both the therapies now and the vision for the future is going to help us tailor our practices and incorporate those changes earlier. By coming to a meeting like this, you see what the progress is. And I can’t imagine you wouldn’t go home excited and wanting to do the latest and greatest.

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Glaucoma 360

Glaucoma 360, our annual three-day event, has become a destination for a growing community that wants to understand the latest breakthroughs and celebrate progress toward a cure.

Each year, nationally and internationally respected pioneers in the fields of vision, business, finance, and medical innovation come together to share insights, spark new ideas, and accelerate advances in glaucoma science and treatment. Specialists in diagnosis and care offer continuing education courses for their colleagues. Research pioneers share insights from their labs and clinical trials.

Glaucoma 360 also features a gala that honors outstanding leadership in ophthalmology, the inspiring achievements of people living with glaucoma, and the transformative generosity of Foundation supporters (many of them patients) and their loved ones.


February 8, 2024: Annual Gala

February 9, 2024: New Horizons Forum

February 10, 2024: Glaucoma Symposium CME

February 10, 2024: Optometric Glaucoma Symposium

All 2023 Glaucoma 360 events will be held at the Westin St. Francis San Francisco on Union Square, 335 Powell Street, in downtown San Francisco, California. A San Francisco landmark since 1904, the Westin St. Francis has a long and storied history, and has hosted countless royalty, celebrities and politicians over the years.

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