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Glaucoma Support Groups

There are two sides of glaucoma research and support: finding the cure, and helping people afflicted with the disease lead full and healthy lives.

There are many support groups for people with glaucoma. To find a support group that meets in person, check with hospitals and eye care centers in your area.

There are a few active online glaucoma support groups.

Facebook Groups

The Glaucoma Eyes group and the Glaucoma Support group let people with glaucoma share their stories and offer each other support.

The Glaucoma Eyes group on Facebook is a private support group for glaucoma patients, glaucoma suspects, glaucoma family members and friends of those with glaucoma. Support is based on personal experiences relating to care of the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of managing glaucoma.

The Glaucoma Support group on Facebook is a private group where glaucoma patients can exchange notes and websites, offer each other support, and help to increase glaucoma awareness.

If you would like to recommend an online support group, please let us know.