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The Faces of Glaucoma

A Glaucoma Awareness Campaign

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The Faces of Glaucoma campaign showcases the diverse stories of glaucoma patients, sharing educational resources to empower individuals to take care of their eye health, educate themselves, and receive their annual eye exam. 

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Glaucoma is the leading cause of irreversible blindness.

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Three million Americans have glaucoma.

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You are ten times more likely to develop glaucoma if a direct relative has it.

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Fifty percent of the glaucoma cases worldwide are still undetected.

Everyone whose life has been shaped by glaucoma shares a dream: we all want to bring an end to a disease that steals precious vision.

Glaucoma Research Foundation is on a quest for a cure.

Collaborative Research

Catalyst for a Cure is Glaucoma Research Foundation’s flagship research program. Groundbreaking, collaborative, committed to results — this unique discovery model brings great minds together to deliver a future free from Glaucoma. 

Innovative Research Grants

Whether you’re pushing for a breakthrough, novel leads are essential. Saffer Grants provide seed funds to bold investigators whose creative projects explore promising leads and show strong potential for impact on glaucoma.

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Patient Education and Empowerment

We share knowledge, insight, resources, and inspiration, empowering people affected by glaucoma.

Cure Glaucoma With Us


Glaucoma Research Foundation along with Bausch + Lomb are educating people about this leading cause of irreversible blindness.

During the month of January, Bausch + Lomb will match any gift made to Glaucoma Research Foundation up to $20,000.

Assess your risk for glaucoma


Test your Glaucoma Eye-Q

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A glaucoma diagnosis can be a scary and uncertain time. By working with your doctor, you can create a treatment plan to stabilize the disease and prevent vision loss.

A major factor in the treatment of your glaucoma is you. Along with being consistent with your regular exams and treatments, a healthy lifestyle can aid in protecting your vision.

Protecting your vision starts with YOU

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The Importance of Regular Eye Exams


The Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Join our quest for a cure

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There are many ways to make an impact. Learn more about how you can get further involved with Glaucoma Research Foundation.

Projects we’ve made possible have already changed the game in glaucoma care, starting with the first study to reveal that lowering eye pressure preserves vision.

Thank you to our generous sponsor, Bausch + Lomb, for the Faces of Glaucoma campaign.

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