Iridotomía láser y ángulos estrechos

Mi oftalmólogo quiere realizarme una iridotomía láser en el ojo porque tengo ángulos estrechos. No tengo glaucoma, entonces, ¿por qué debo realizarme este procedimiento?

Narrow angles can be a precursor to angle-closure glaucoma, the type of glaucoma that can have a sudden, painful onset or a slow, relentless downhill course.

The best time to prevent the damage that angle-closure glaucoma can cause is to treat it with a laser iridotomy before the actual disease occurs. This is the best preventive medicine.

Although not all people with narrow angles actually develop glaucoma, careful evaluation of the angle structure can identify who is at greatest risk. The angle structure is determined by a test called gonioscopy, which is performed with a special contact lens called a gonioprism.

By performing a laser iridotomy, your doctor tries to prevent you from the risk of acute angle-closure glaucoma.