Focused on a Cure: Judy and Charles Munnerlyn

Judy and Charles Munnerlyn

Glaucoma Research Foundation has been incredibly fortunate to have donors who support us year after year, helping us push forward toward a cure.

Judy and Charles Munnerlyn, PhD, are just one example of our many longtime investors and enduring partners. Their philanthropy spans nearly 20 years with their primary focus on supporting our Shaffer Grants for Innovation Glaucoma Research. These one-year grants provide seed funds to investigators with bold and creative projects that explore promising leads and show strong potential for impact on glaucoma.

Scientific discovery is an enormous passion for the Munnerlyns, as Charles is recognized internationally as a pioneering research engineer in optics and lasers in ophthalmology. His long and inspiring career is distinguished by the 41 patents he holds in the field of optical engineering and for his 1984 creation of the Munnerlyn Formula, which dictates the amount of corneal tissue to be removed by an excimer laser for refractive surgery.

Charles also designed the first excimer laser for laser vision correction eye surgery in 1985 and founded VISX Incorporated, which was once the world’s largest manufacturer of laser vision correction systems. He is also responsible for numerous inventions that have transformed the way clinicians treat patients, resulting in an improved quality of life for millions.

Judy and Charles were recognized at our most recent Annual Gala in February with our highest honor, the Catalyst Award. Glaucoma Research Foundation President and CEO, Thomas M. Brunner, presented the esteemed award to the Munnerlyns. “I have known Charles and Judy Munnerlyn for more than 50 years, and I am so grateful that our work in ophthalmology brought us together. Their outstanding accomplishments in eye care are matched by their incredible philanthropic endeavors including leadership gifts to Glaucoma Research Foundation, higher education, and the field of ophthalmology.” Brunner added, “It was wonderful to have so many members of the Munnerlyn family join us at the Gala where we honored Charles and Judy as brilliant entrepreneurs, investors, philanthropists, and friends.”

Glaucoma Research Foundation is grateful to have the steadfast support and involvement of donors like the Munnerlyns. Each gift we receive is invested wisely in our research and education programs. And we will continue to lead the way until a cure is found.

Posted on June 28, 2024