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Eyes On Glaucoma Raises $1,000 for Glaucoma Research Foundation

"Eyes On Eyecare" is dedicated to furthering research worldwide by providing clinical and career education to younger optometrists and ophthalmologists.

San Diego, California – July 1, 2022 – Eyes On Glaucoma, held June 10-11 2022, was pleased to choose Glaucoma Research Foundation as the charity of choice for the event. The charity was spotlighted in the Virtual Conference Bag, and attendees were invited to click a button for which Eyes On Glaucoma would donate $1 in their names. At the end of the event, Eyes On Glaucoma donated $1,000 to Glaucoma Research Foundation on behalf of the event attendees.

“Glaucoma is expected to impact over 100 million people by 2040,” said Matt Geller, OD, co-founder and CEO of CovalentCreative, the parent company of Eyes On Eyecare. “Glaucoma Research Foundation has been committed to furthering glaucoma research for more than 40 years, and we are humbled by how much they have accomplished. Both of our organizations are in lockstep with what we hope to accomplish, and we are happy to be able to assist in any way we can.”

Eyes On Glaucoma was established with the intent to provide optometrists and ophthalmologists with free continuing education, live talks with leading experts in glaucoma diagnosis and management, cutting-edge solutions providers, and a first look at the latest research and innovation Eyes On event attendees have come to expect.

“We were thrilled to be part of Eyes On Glaucoma to build awareness of this treatable condition that is still a leading cause of blindness worldwide,” said Thomas M. Brunner, President and CEO, Glaucoma Research Foundation. “Part of our mission is to bring glaucoma researchers and doctors together to learn from and support each other, which is exactly what Eyes On Glaucoma was all about.”

Eyes On Eyecare will continue to hold virtual events for the eyecare community, including events focused on disease states such as dry eye, glaucoma, myopia, and more. The organization plans to continue with charitable giving initiatives like this one, that keep event attendees engaged and raise awareness about visionary organizations in the eyecare industry.

About Eyes On Eyecare®

Eyes On Eyecare delivers leading-edge clinical and career education to the next generation of optometrists and ophthalmologists through premier content and virtual events. Eyes On Eyecare is operated by CovalentCreative, which has launched notable brands like CovalentCareers,, and Based out of San Diego, CA, CovalentCreative boasts an elite team of nearly 40 individuals with a combined 50+ years of clinical, media, content, and talent acquisition experience in the optometry and ophthalmology space.


Posted on July 1, 2022