Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

We encourage you to contact any of the following programs if you need financial aid to assess or treat an eye problem.

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EyeCare America Online Referral Center
Glaucoma EyeCare Program
Services: Free glaucoma eye exams and initial treatment
Eligibility: US citizens or legal residents who do not have insurance

Lions Club International
(630) 571-5466 (national office)
Provides financial assistance to individuals for eye care through local clubs. There are Lions Clubs in most localities, and services vary from club to club. Check your telephone book for the telephone number and address of your local club.

Several manufacturers of glaucoma medications offer programs to provide free glaucoma drugs to patients who cannot afford it. In most cases, you will need to go through your eye doctor’s office to participate. Tell your eye doctor about your inability to afford the medication and your lack of prescription coverage.

The Medicine Program
(866) 694-3893
This is a volunteer patient advocacy organization, which helps people enroll in the many prescription medication patient assistance programs.

Allergan Patient Assistance Program
Medications: Alphagan P, Lumigan
(800) 553-6783

Merck Patient Assistance Program
Medications: Cosopt, Timoptic, Timoptic XE, Trusopt
(800) 727-5400 / Alt: (800) 994-2111 (9 am-7 pm EST)

Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc.
Medications: Azopt, Betoptic S., Travatan Z

Pfizer RxPathways
Medication: Xalatan



(800)-MEDICARE or 800-633-4227
Provides an annual dilated eye exam for Medicare beneficiaries over 65 at high risk for glaucoma. Those eligible for this service are: people with diabetes, family history of glaucoma, or African-Americans over 50.

United Way
(800) 411-UWAY

Medical Schools
Many university-based medical schools offer discounted services for those who qualify. Inquire at your local university.

Social Workers
Check in your community for local hospitals and other agencies.

Last reviewed on August 22, 2022

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