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Laser Iridotomy and Narrow Angles

My eye doctor wants to perform a laser iridotomy on my eye because I have narrow angles. I don’t have glaucoma, so why do I need to have this procedure done? …

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Glaucoma Treatments and Management

The field of glaucoma research has introduced many innovative new treatments over the past several years — from minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries to new drug delivery devices. …

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Glaucoma News: Hope is on the Horizon

Therapies, treatments, and technologies—No two cases of glaucoma are alike, and the effectiveness of therapies differ but promising new research findings offer reason to be optimistic.

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Glaucoma Specialists Answer Your Questions

Glaucoma specialists answer questions about medications and surgery, diet and exercise, marijuana and other alternative treatments, correlations with other chronic health conditions, and more.

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Unapproved Glaucoma Treatments

There are many unapproved treatments that are promoted on the internet and elsewhere, including marijuana/cannabidiol (CBD), stem cells, herbal medicines, and nutritional supplements.