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Can I Have Laser Vision Correction?

Laser refractive surgery is not prohibited for glaucoma suspects or glaucoma patients. With multiple choices now available for refractive correction, both patients and physicians have more options.

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Childhood Glaucoma

Childhood glaucoma is a rare condition that may be inherited, caused by incorrect development of the eye’s drainage system before birth.

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Cataracts and Glaucoma

Both cataracts and glaucoma can be a natural part of the aging process. Many people over 60 may have both.

High Eye Pressure and Glaucoma

Q: I’ve heard that glaucoma is caused by high eye pressure, and that left untreated glaucoma can cause blindness. At what pressure will I go blind? …

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Understanding Uveitic Glaucoma

Uveitic glaucoma is a common complication of uveitis affecting some 20% of patients. Patients with uveitic glaucoma may find their condition difficult to cope with, but with modern treatments, many patients are able to maintain excellent vision.