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Do I Have Cataracts or Glaucoma?

Learn about the difference between cataracts and glaucoma — two of the most common vision-threatening conditions that are both leading causes of blindness worldwide.

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Glaucoma Specialists Answer Your Questions

Glaucoma specialists answer questions about medications and surgery, diet and exercise, marijuana and other alternative treatments, correlations with other chronic health conditions, and more.

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Childhood Glaucoma: Questions and Answers

Childhood glaucoma occurs in one out of every 10,000 births in the United States. In most cases, childhood glaucoma is diagnosed by the age of six months, with 80% diagnosed in the first year of life.

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Q&A: New Medications for Glaucoma

In this “Questions and Answers” article, learn about new glaucoma medications available in 2019, how they’re different from existing treatments, and their potential side effects.